Friday, January 16, 2009

2009 Tournament of Books

If you're looking for award-worthy fiction in the new year, this is a really fun way to learn about some new books. The Tournament of Books is the NCAA Tournament for readers. It starts out with 16 books - one pitted against another. Different authors determine which book "wins" and proceeds on to the next round. But, there is also a Zombie round in which readers can vote on-line and resurrect books that have already lost. It's arbitrary, but fun. And, even if you don't play along, at the very least, it is a good list to mine for great books.

This year's list of 16 includes only one book that I've already read (Unaccustomed Earth), but many that I'm in the queue for at the library. I'm not sure when the tournament kicks off, but hopefully I'll have some time to digest a bunch of these so I can be justifiably outraged when my favorites are kicked to the way-side.

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