Friday, May 29, 2009

Vienna Blood - Frank Tallis (Liebermann Paper Series #2)

This is the second installment of Tallis's murder mystery psychoanalytical series pairing up homicide detective Reinhardt and Freudian psychologist Leibermann. A serial killer has been unleashed in Vienna - massacring innocent victims with unspeakable violence. As Reinhardt seeks out the murderer, a secret Masonic society is carrying on in the Austrian underground. Leibermann works with a patient suffering from a delusion that a wealthy monarch is in love with him and that her every move is calculated to convey messages to him. Leibermann also questions his engagement to Clara, and increasingly finds ways to involve Miss Lydgate and her ever-developing theories of serology in his cases. Like the first book, Reinhardt and Leibermann test out their theories and mull over possiblities while playing classical music and eating pastries in cafes. And of course, Liebermann's break-throughs with his patients will have direct insight into finding the killer. I find Liebermann to be a very likeable character, despite his social awkwardness and while Vienna Blood didn't blow me away, it was a fun entertaining mystery.

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