Sunday, January 3, 2010

Favorite Reads of 2009

I managed to make it through 144 books this year (6 short of my 150 goal). Looking back on the year, it was difficult to pick my favorites. I always love a good series, and really enjoyed making my way through Barry Eisler's espionage series featuring John Rain, as well as starting out the first four in Michael Connelly's detective series featuring Harry Bosch. I read a ton of great books for work that I wish the whole world would read - and a couple of those made my list. I also read a lot of fluff that just made me happy. Once again, I'm really glad I have this blog to look back on and remember - and I am grateful for all the wonderful recommendations I received throughout the year. The list below is a bit arbitrary, but I think pretty close to containing the books I truly loved, or ones that really made me think long after I'd finished them. I look forward to a great reading year in 2010!

1. Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet - Jamie Ford
2. Still Alice - Lisa Genova
3. The Hunger Games/Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins (Young Adult)
4. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo/The Girl who Played with Fire - Steig Larson
5. A Reliable Wife - Robert Goolrick

1. Beatiful Boy - David Sheff/Tweaked - Nic Sheff
2. Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell
3. The Soloist - Steve Lopez
4. Night Falls Fast - Kay Jamison
5. Outcasts United - Warren St. John

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