Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Little Giant of Aberdeen County - Tiffany Baker

This book is the relatively familiar tale of a misfit facing adversity in a small town. She has a beautiful perfect sister, a father who resents her, and a mother who died in childbirth. Truly Plaice, like most outcasts is just a little different - she is physically enormous. And she continues to grow and grow for no apparent reason as the years go by. Truly's self-worth rubbed down to the bone, she finds herself caring for her runaway sister's only child - and taking care of the child's father - a respected doctor, with nothing but degrading words for Truly. Slowly, however, Truly finds her calling and uncovers secrets that allow her to find her true self. Judging from the reader reviews I've seen of this book, it seems to fall in the 5-star or 1-star category. I can't quite figure out why, but I happen to be a 1-star reviewer. Plot and character-wise, this is exactly the type of book I usually like. But, to me, Truly's excessive girth seemed unnecessary. I felt the author did it as a gimmick - to make the book somehow stand-out from a more run of the mill story. But, Truly's size, other than setting her apart from the norm, wasn't integral to the story - it only ditracted from my enjoyment as a reader. While I felt like I got to know Aberdeen County from Baker's writing, the conversations and the people just didn't interest me in any way that made me want to keep reading. All in all, this was a decent story - a bit reminiscent of Tom Robbins - but nothing to write home about.

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