Thursday, March 4, 2010

Outlander - Diana Gabaldon

This book is The Time Traveler's Wife meets Philippa Gregory - only not as much time travel bouncing around and set in 18th century Scotland. While on her second honeymoon in Inverness, Scottland post-WWII, Claire witnesses a pagan ritual among the stone ruins of Craigh na Dun. When she returns later on her own, she finds herself transported through time and left to explain herself to Scot warriors - not all with the best intentions. Suspected as a spy, Claire is forced into alliances to protect her honor, and finds herself torn between her loyalty to her husband in the 20th century, and her attraction to a man from the past. A nurse during the war, Claire makes use of her healing powers and gains respect among the clan, while struggling to fit her feminist personality into the realities of the 18th century. For the most part, the time travel aspect of this book came across as gimmicky, though I understand Gabaldon has written a number of books in this series, and I anticipate they all allow her to leap through time to different world and adventures. This book has a soap opera quality about it - with Claire's stubborness getting her into predictable and sometimes irritating predicaments, but the numerous characters (villains and heroes among them) are entertaining. Claire's 18th centure infactuation, Jamie, is also a lovely man to root for - with all the charm and none of Rhett Butler, and none of the scoundrel-ness. The immense popularity of this series was not difficult for me to understand, and anyone who enjoys Philippa Gregory and a little science-fiction would probably find themselves drawn to this series. I think it'll probably be awhile before I pick up another one, but it's nice to know they're out there whenever I'm in the mood for a complete escape.

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