Friday, June 24, 2011

Japanese Women Don't Get Old or Fat - Naomi Moriyama

In the past couple months, my husband, mother, and I have vowed to start eating better. To that end, we've tried to cut down on meat - and explored many vegetarian and vegan options. This new world has also awakened in me my desire to cook more often. I've looked high and low for inspiration, and while browsing the cook books at the library, I came across this book. I don't particularly like the title, but it appeared to be about a Japanese woman in America who returned to Japan to learn to cook from her mother - in the hopes of regaining her health. The book is about the Japanese love of food - but their ability to enjoy the best and freshest ingredients, appease their hunger, remain thin, and live long and happy lives. Moriyama was a bit repetitive in her writing - using the same phrases and anecdotes multiple times throughout the book, but I did appreciate her inclusion of various recipes that can be made fairly easily. One night, she inspired me to cook spicy beans and tofu, along with a ground beef and egg recipe. Both were delicious, and gave me something new and relatively healthy to serve my family. While there was nothing earth-shattering in this book, it was a good reminder that to enjoy food doesn't necessarily mean to be a glutton, and that everything in moderation is a good thing to remember.

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Marji said...

I've read this book a couple of times, but haven't yet implemented the ideas. I just know it left me hungry, with its small portions and steamed vegies. I thought the examples of the HUGE servings of ice cream and orange juice were eye-opening. That's what we eat! And Scott reminds me that Ben and Jerry's had to re-size their containers for the Japanese market because the Japanese buy very small portions.

I think it's just the American way to supersize their portions. Our friends in Austria lost weight as soon as they went back there (one intentionally, the other just by eating differently there). Don't put Ben on a diet, however. Babies just slim down naturally if you don't get them going on too much junk.