Tuesday, September 27, 2011

City of Bones - Michael Connelly (City of Bones #8)

I've read these books a bit out of order, so it's difficult for me to keep track of the underlying "Life of Detective Bosch" narrative - he always seems to be retiring from the force and coming back, and I definitely can't keep track of all his love interests.  So, I'm basically just focused on the murder narrative at this point.  City of Bones opens with a man walking his dog in the woods.  The dog runs off and returns with a bone.  A human bone.  And so opens a cold case that has been on the books for decades.  As usual, Bosch takes on a little too much - sleeps with someone he probably shouldn't, follows a lead without telling his partner, and in general manages to piss off all of his superiors.  In all the books, he seems to take a wrong turn (not necessarily always his fault) that leads to the death of a semi-innocent character.  But, in the end, he always gets his man.  Not sure what Connelly's commentary on it all seems to be - by any means necessary?  Or, a cautionary tale that sometimes things buried in the past were meant to be left there.

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