Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Weird Sisters - Eleanor Brown

This sort of book is right up my alley - it's a story about family with a pretty happy ending - three sisters (who don't actually seem that weird to me), each different in personality:  there's Rosalind, the oldest responsible one; Bianca, the middle sophisticated one; and Cordelia, the youngest vagabond dreamer.  Named after some of Shakespeare's most notable women, they strive to resemble and at times defy their namesakes.  Their father is a Shakespearean scholar in a small town, and all the sisters flock home when their mother is diagnosed with cancer.  They each have troubles of their own, but not quite ready to share them with each other.  The book is narrated in the first person plural - as if written by the sisters as a collective whole.  It annoyed me at first, but as I got used to it, I really settled into the storytelling, and I thought it worked well.  I found the Shakespeare metaphors and lines a bit forced, but overall it did give the people personality, and made the book more than just another one about a dysfunctional family. 

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