Thursday, December 15, 2011

Reversal - Michael Connelly (Mickey Haller Series #3)

As much as I try to read Michael Connelly's books in order, things keep getting in my way.  Like my father-in-law lending me this book before I'd read The Brass Verdict, which is the second book in the series.  But, I figure my memory is so poor, I'll never know if I'm missing something because I'm reading the series out of order, or if I just forgot it from a prior book anyway.  In The Reversal, Connelly's #1 homicide detective, Harry Bosch, teams up with his half-brother criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller.  But this time, Haller has switched sides and become a special prosecutor.  I have no idea if this actually happens in real life, but as a plot-device, it allows Haller to also team up with his ex-wife, who happens to be a District Attorneys.  Basically, a notorious murderer has obtained a reversal of his conviction due to DNA evidence that seemingly exonerates him, and Haller is brought over to the dark side to re-prosecute.  Convinced that the man is guilty, Haller re-investigates the case with his defense-minded eye.  Bosch is his usually curmudgeonly self - ostensibyl part of the trial team, but going rogue on every possible occasion.  I did like having the two characters brought together (which happens initially in The Brass Verdict - but I haven't read that one yet!!).  A fun mystery and good vacation read.

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