Friday, February 3, 2012

The Overlook - Michael Connelly (Harry Bosch #13)

I got out of order on my Harry Bosch novels and managed to skip Nos. 9, 10, and 12 in this series, so some of the backstory was a little muddy for me on this one.  But, plot-wise, this one seemed a bit more straight-forward than the rest - Harry finds himself investigating the murder of a scientist who works with extremely dangerous hazardous materials.  The chemicals involved could potentially threaten national security, which bring the FBI and Bosch's ex-flame, Rachel Walling, into the picture.  Together they must track the killer - with Bosch's usual hatred of authority, the Feds, and any kind of direct order, naturally threatening to hinder the investigation.  A little sexual tension, a little Muslim prejudice thrown in as a diversionary tactic, and Bosch's signature gut feelings made for the usual Connelly entertaining read.  I need to go back and read the ones I skipped!

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