Sunday, December 29, 2013

Poser: my life in twenty-three yoga poses - Claire Dederer

I am admittedly a sucker for these self-improvement memoirs, and I am a fan of yoga, so I picked this one up about a mother who takes on yoga and uses it as a vehicle for reflecting on her life.  In general I liked the idea - trying to slow down a bit and appreciate life - even with all its imperfections and hassles.  But, there were moments in this book that really turned me off - I felt like part of her purpose in tackling this subject was to become more open-minded and less-judgmental, but it seemed like in many of her descriptions of life and the people around her that she looked down on others who didn't seem to have it as together as she did.  She also seemed so intent on keeping up appearances in terms of only serving her children organic products, buying the right kinds of toys, and even practicing a certain kind of yoga - that I really felt that she was shallow and insincere.  I just read a slew of reviews of the book - mostly positive by people who felt they could really identify with the author.  I just couldn't and found the book a bit repetitive and self-indulgent.  Not quite the experience I'm looking for from my yoga.

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