Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Surprise by Corinne Demas

Halloween Surprise has been a reminder to me that you never know what books your kids will take to.  This month, I have been dropping in at the library with and without my kids a couple times a week.  Each time, I borrow a big stack of Halloween books, and return the ones that the kids didn't seem that in to (mostly because they are too scary!).  On my last trip, I picked this one up - it didn't seem remarkable in any way.

It is the story of a little girl who can't figure out what to be for Halloween.  She goes through a wide variety of costumes but each one is not quite right.  And then she finally settles on one, trick-or-treats at her own house, and gets some candy.  And, she does happen to have two kitty cats.

I don't find the artwork in this book particularly appealing - nothing wrong with it, it's just not my style.  But in a stack of twelve Halloween books, I probably would have ranked this one about number eleven or twelve if you had asked me which ones the kids would like.  And yet...Clara went right for it.  She has asked me to read it over and over the past couple days, and when I take a break to read a different book to another one of the kids, she takes this book with her and reads it to herself.  I'm not sure if it's the different costumes or the kitty cats, but Halloween Surprise is a huge hit in our house.

Like I said, a good reminder to let your kids pick out the books they want from the library, or just borrow a ton and see what strikes them!  Happy Halloween!

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