Tuesday, August 11, 2009

French Women Don't Get Fat - Mireille Guillard

I have developed a taste for Veuve Clicquot - the French Champagne. Having seen this book all over the bestseller lists, and then learning that that it was written by the CEO of Clicquot, I decided to add it to my to-read list. This starts out as Guillard's story growing up in France, coming to America for school, and leaving 20 pounds heavier. I anticipated a memoir, but as the title suggests, this is more of a how-to diet book, filled with suggestions and recipes for eating delicious Parisian food while maintaining a size 2 waist. In that respect, I found the book pretty boring - it didn't offer much new in the dieting world from what I can tell - eat smaller portions, walk, drink lots of water...No real secrets, just some discipline. I haven't tried any of the receipes, but Guillard suggests that one of the secrets to staying thin is to introduce more variety into your diet...perhaps I shall try a couple, along with a few more glasses of champagne.

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