Sunday, June 20, 2010

Heart-Shaped Box - Joe Hill

This book is super creepy. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking that I needed to return it to the library as soon as possible just to get it out of my house! Heart-Shaped Box is written by Stephen King's son - though it received awards and acclaim before anyone figured out Joe Hill's real name. I don't normally read horror, but admit that I picked it up because of the family connection. The main character of this book is famous musician, Judas Coyne, who is fascinated by all things macabre. He dates goth women half his age, and counts among his collection serial killer memorabilia and a snuff film. So, when he receives an email advertising the sale of a suit inhabited by a ghost, he figures he might as well give it a shot. The ghost turns out to be the step-father of one of Judas's ex-girlfriends - one he didn't exactly treat very well, and no matter where he runs or what he tries to do to escape, the ghost is out to make sure he meets his bloody end, along with any of friends and family who try to help him out. As with any good horror, there are those moments where you can't quite figure out what's real, what's supernatural, and what's all the result of Judas's overactive imagination. Whatever the answer, it kept my heart racing, and made me wish I'd invested in a better nightlight.

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