Saturday, July 24, 2010

Love Over Scotland - Alexander McCall Smith (44 Scotland Street Series #3)

The deeper I get into this series, the more enamored I become with the characters. Bertie, the precocious six year old whose mother forces him to take yoga and Italian lessons is still my favorite. In this one, his overbearing pregnant mother cajoles him into auditioning for a teen orchestra (nevermind that he plays the saxophone, and there is no place for such an instrument - or a six-year old - in a teen orchestra) in the hopes that she'll be able to accompany him on their annual trip to Paris. Pat, always unlucky in love, begins her studies in Edinburgh after moving out of 44 Scotland Street and into a new apartment with another strange roommate. Dominca makes her way to the Malacca Straits to do anthropological field work, leaving poor Angus Lordies back at home pining away for her. And so the adventures continue with misunderstandings, snafus, and fortuitous coincidences along the way. As always, I'm glad that Smith seems to be able to write faster than I can read, and more installments always lie ahead. Can't wait.

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