Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Horizontal Life - Chelsea Handler

I think I've now come to the end of my Chelsea Handler reading list. I think it's a function of her humor slowly growing on me, but I found this collection of vignettes from her single life the funniest one so far. Published back in 2005, Chelsea focuses her attention in this one on her one-night stands and questionable "relationships." Not one to look for anything long-term, and upfront about her shallow criteria for taking a guy home, Chelsea often comes across as a stereotypical male. I definitely appreciated this given my hatred of gender stereotypes and assumptions about what ALL women want. While many would chastise her for her seemingly loose morals, I applaud her honesty - though hope she is taking the necessary health precautions. Once again, not a warm and fuzzy memoir, but a pretty hilarious account of one woman's unapologetic quest to have fun.

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