Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Partner - John Grisham

When traveling, John Grisham never fails me. Sure, his books are formulaic and even when you haven't read one before, while you're reading it, it still makes you feel like maybe you have read it before...nonetheless, I always find his books suspenseful and entertaining. In The Partner, Patrick Lanigan is living life on the run in Brazil after faking his own death and embezzling $90 million from his former law firm. With so many people looking for him, it's not long before he's captured and returned to his hometown of Biloxi, Mississippi to face the music. Charged with capital murder, he has also left behind a not-so-grieving widow and a 6-year old daughter. But, Patrick has numerous tricks up his sleeve and he sets out methodically to settle and debunk all the claims against him. As usual, Grisham attempts to portray his theiving protagonist as an unlikely hero - the client and former law partners he stole the $90 million from are no doubtedly crooks themselves. His wife is a wholly unlikeable philanderer, and there will most certainly be an explanation to soften the blow of the child he abandoned. For the most part, I think, Grisham suceeds. I did want Patrick to untangle himself from all his problems, but the way he went about it was so self-righteous - as if he was unwilling to take any responsibility for the crimes he committed. In the end, I was waiting for Patrick to his just desserts...but along the way, it was most certainly an entertaining ride.

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