Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder - Shamini Flint (Inspector Singh #1)

In my quest to "visit" as many countries as possible this year through reading, I discovered this mystery series set in Malaysia, and staring Inspector Singh - sent to KL from Singapore to solve the murder of a wealthy businessman. The obvious suspect is the man's wife, but Singh feels immediately that she could not have accomplished the deed. When the dead man's brother confesses to the crime under suspicious circumstances, the Malaysian police think their case is closed, but Singh has other ideas. I found the style to be a bit like Agatha Christie set in Southeast Asia. The dialogue and plot were relatively simple, but the action kept moving and there were twists and new suspects in nearly every chapter. This is the first in a series that looks to have at least two other books. In this initial installment, there is a small window into Singh's personal life, and I look forward to learning more in the subsequent books about this strange little problem solver.

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