Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sh*t My Dad Says - Justin Halpern

This guy is really milking quotes from his father for all that they're worth - first a twitter account, then this book, and now a TV sit-com (which I've seen and is terrible). But, I'd read a few of his twitter posts and thought they were pretty funny, so I figured I might as well check out this book - which is pretty short. Each chapter of the book is a little anedcdote about the author's relationship with his father - followed by a series of quotations on a variety of topics. I actually found most of the stories pretty funny - but what I really enjoyed about this book was what the stories told about the relationship between these two men. I loved that the father, while crass and seemingly dismissive in his words actually displays so much love for his son through his straight-forward advice and actions. I actually found myself tearing up amidst my laughter. Surprisingly, this is a really touching book and definitely worth a quick read on a day when you need a little uplifting.

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