Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Boy in the Moon - Ian Brown

I shouldn't allow myself to read memoirs by parents of sick or dying children.  They just make me cry - though I suppose they also make me appreciate the health of my own child, and the time that we have together.  So, maybe that's why I keep coming back to them.  Ian Brown's son, Walker, lives with an extremely rare genetic condition that leaves him mentally and developmentally between the ages of a one to three year old, and in need of constant care.  As Brown journeys in search of answers, and perhaps even a cure, he faces some of the toughest questions a parent can ask.  Brown seeks out parents of child diagnosed with the same disease.  He buries himself in research on the mysterious affliction.  He watches and studies, and ultimately simply loves his son despite the constant challenges his son poses, and the question on many days of if his son will ever be able to understand or recognize the tremendous sacrifice Brown and his wife and daughter have made.  This is a deeply honest book - one that rages against an unfair world, while also finding blessings in the most unlikely places. 

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