Saturday, March 24, 2012

Swamplandia! - Karen Russell

I am so behind on my blog updates...let's see if I can even remember what all these books were about...well, Swamplandia!, what can I say?  With an exclamation point in the title, I was expecting great things - and the plot premise sounds like something I'd really enjoy.  After a family that runs a swampland tourist attraction loses their mother (and star alligator pit wrestling attraction), business dwindles and the three children find themselves scattered to the wind and left to fend for themselves.  Ava, the youngest at 13-years old, is determined not make the family business profitable once again.  The story is at time heartbreaking and at other times whimsical and imaginative.  But, mostly, I found myself slogging through boring passages and fantastical stories that borderd on  the lame rather than the pleasantly quirky.  This book has received incredible reviews, but I think it's definitely a matter of taste (like most books, but my point is I don't think this one has universal appeal).  It's different and clever, but the writing didn't hold my attention.  Not quite worth the price of Swamplandia! admission.

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