Wednesday, May 14, 2014

And the Mountains Echoed - Khaled Hosseini

After The Kite Runner, I'm not sure Hosseini could write a book that I wouldn't fall in love with.  Though, I suppose, sometimes I love books so much that nothing else that I read by the same author ever seems to live up (The Lovely Bones comes to mind).  But, there is just something about Hosseini' storytelling that grabs me - and moves me to tears - every time.  And the Mountains Echoed begins with a brother and sister - joined by a tremendous bond - but separated due to circumstance.  The book initially follows the path of the children, but quickly splinters out into myriad stories of family, always questioning why we make the choices we make in the name of love.  At times, the book would go in a direction I hadn't anticipated or necessarily wanted- I wanted to learn more about a given person, but the author had a different plan.  I found myself initially annoyed, but after a few pages suddenly completely invested in the new story being told.  It happened over and over.  I have to admit that I was saddened by the end of this book and felt like it really could have gone in a different direction without being too Hollywood.  But, Hosseini's storytelling ability is like no other I have encountered - I can picture him sitting around a table after a big meal and enchanting adults and children alike - like a modern day Arabian Nights.  I really can't get enough of his words and can't wait for his next novel to arrive!

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