Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Alice & Clara's Pick of the Week: Let's Play in the Forest

In an effort to encourage more outdoor play lately, I've been interested in books for the kids set outdoors or specifically in the forest.  I randomly came across this one at the library the other day. The illustrations are colorful and contain cute little animals, which I thought my girls would love.  And they did.

In Let's Play in the Forest While the Wolf Is Not Around, the forest animals enjoy themselves outside while the Wolf is at home slowly getting ready.  On each page, one of the animals exclaims, "Let's play in the forest while the Wolf is not around!" and another animal asks, "Wolf? Are you there?"  The Wolf then answers describing what he's doing (such as "I'm putting on my shirt" or my girls' favorite, "I'm putting on my underwear.")  The girls think this is hilarious.  The repetition of the book has made is simple for them to "read along" as I read it aloud, and for them to run off and play "Let's play in the Forest" for themselves.

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