Monday, January 19, 2015

Alice's Pick of the Week - Glasses for D.W.

I have no idea sometimes what draws my children to certain books, but for the past couple weeks, Alice has been inseparable from Glasses for D.W.  The book features the characters from the cartoon, Arthur, which my children have never seen.

The basic story is that Arthur wears glasses.  His younger sister, D.W. wishes that she could also - and she comes up with all the reasons why she can't quite see right.  Arthur tries to explain to her why she doesn't need them, but she won't listen.  He comes up with a miraculous cure for her eyesight, but in the end, she still wishes she could have glasses.

This is a really cute story of a little sister looking up to her brother, and as someone who started wearing glasses at age six, I appreciate the effort to normalize glasses or even try to make them seem cool.  While I was never teased for wearing glasses (other than being called Four Eyes a couple times, which I found too unoriginal to actually qualify as teasing), they could be a pain and make one different enough from other kids to be an occasional source of self-doubt.  As with any kind of difference, it's nice to think that once in awhile, the thing you dislike is actually a source of envy for others.

I thought Alice's love of this book might be a gateway to all the other Arthur books, of which there are upwards of forty.  But, I borrowed another one from the library the other day and she wasn't interested.  I may need to find the ones where D.W. features more prominently.  Or, if could be that Alice just likes glasses.  Whatever the reason, this one is definitely a current favorite!

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