Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Alice & Clara's Pick of the Week: Found

Found by Salina Yoon - this simple book tells the story of Bear who one day discovers a stuffed bunny.  While he knows that the bunny must belong to someone else, he finds himself growing increasingly attached, while at the same time making an effort to find bunny's rightful owner.  My girls are incredibly attached to their stuffed animals, and they have enjoyed making up stories about how someone might have lost their stuffed animal, discussing how they would feel if they lost their favorite animal, and what they might do if they found someone else's animal.  The illustrations are brightly colored and easily identifiable.  For Alice, who loves to memorize the words of books and pretend to read them aloud, this is a perfect story.  Clara, on the other hand, loves to make up her own stories about familiar scenarios - and this book is also a perfect jumping off point for that.

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