Friday, June 12, 2015

Exploring the Octopus's Garden!

Sometimes my kids just come home with seemingly random questions and interests.  One day Ben had a sudden fascination with octopus - asking me questions about their arms and ink, what they eat, and how they escape from animals that want to eat them.  So, while I did cheat and look up some answers on the internet, we decided to go to the library to get more information.

For straight-forward factual information, we found An Octopus is Amazing which introduced us to the fabulous world of the clever octopus.  Great illustrations and descriptions of where octopus live, how they trick their predators, and how they lure their prey.  We have read this one over and over.

But, once Ben had the basic about the octopus, I thought it would be fun to just read a few fiction stories featuring octopus.

Octopus Alone is a beautifully illustrated book by the author of Little Owl's Night (a favorite of my girls).  This one focuses on the independent nature of the octopus - something Ben pointed out in his non-fiction reading when he learned that octopus always live alone.

Octopus's Garden by Ringo Starrr- is the fun illustrated version of the famous Beatles song.  Great to listen to while playing the song in the background - and introducing the kids to fantastic music!

The Oswald books feature a blue octopus named Oswald.  We first met Oswald in Oswald Makes Music.  He's just a fun guy with a pet dog who goes on adventures around the city, making friends with cute animals and random creatures.  My girls find him hilarious.  Oswald was also made into a TV series, with Fred Savage as the voice of Oswald.  We haven't seen it, but will be checking it out soon!!

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