Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dead to the World - Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse #4)

I believe the new season of True Blood is set to start up soon...which means I need to get a move on reading this series because it seems the further ahead of the television series I get, the more I'm enjoying myself. It could also just be that it took Harris a few books to settle into her rhthym, to write less riduculous dialogue, and to explain what's going on just a bit bette. In Dead to the World, Sookie's ex-boyfriend Bill has shipped out of town - which is wonderful because I hate Bill, and without him the story plays out a bit better. Eric the Vampire Sheriff of Area Five, on the other hand, is suffering some sort of amnesia at the hands of witches, and needs to hide out at Sookie's place - a recipe for their ever-anticipated romantic get together. Meanwhile, Sookie's brother Jason has myseriously disappeared, and Sookie must venture further into the realm of the werewolves and not-quite-humans to find him. This installment moves along the relationship between Sookie and Eric, and introduces new packs of supernatural beings to keep the story interesting. This series is starting to take on a comfort-food existence for me. It's nice to know Harris keeps cranking them out, so when I need a fun mindless vampire tale to turn to, there will always be something there.

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