Monday, May 3, 2010

Turnk Music - Michael Connelly (Harry Bosch Series #5)

As work heats up for me over the next couple months, I anticipate that the percentage of my reading time taken up with mindless mysteries and other thrillers (probably featuring vampires) will increase. To that end, I plan to make some headway in Connelly's series featuring LA Homicide Detective Hieronymous Bosch (I have 10 more to go!). In this adventure, Harry is fresh off his suspension when he is assigned to the murder of an entertainment industry bigwig found shot and stuffed in the trunk of his car. Suspecting a mob hit, Harry makes his way to Vegas, where he once again crosses path with former lover, Eleanor Wish. As with most of Connelly's books in this series, Harry chases down false leads, always suspects the wife, and has a hunch that there might be some LAPD insiders on the make. This one held together quite well for me, though as usual Harry's romantic interludes always seem forced and awkward. I did, however, particularly enjoy the relatively witty dialogue among the feuding police forces (internal affairs, in particular). Trunk Music does not have much about Harry's past (which I found compelling, especially in The Concrete Blonde), but he is an interesting protagonist and I look forward to his future adventures.

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