Monday, September 6, 2010

Innocent - Scott Turow

The long-awaited sequel to Presumed Innocent, Innocent takes place 20 years later. Rusty Sabich has since overcome the stigma of being accused of murdering his mistress, and has risen to the appellate court bench. His nemesis Tommy Molto is now the head of the DA's office, and has seemingly moved on from his failed prosecution. Sabich's son is a timid recent law school grad, madly in love with his father's former law clerk and sometimes lover. When Rusty's wife, Barbara, is found dead in bed from an apparent heart condition, it doesn't take long before the coroner alleges foul play and Rusty finds himself on the losing end of yet another murder rap. For those who have read and remember Presumed Innocent, I think it'll be difficult not to think you know who the real murderer is right away - and the fun is then trying to figure out how the murder went about commiting the crime and framing Rusty for it. There are a few twists and turns, and a little more about Rusty's personal life, with the involvement of his son in the story. I found the relationship between Rusty's former girlfriend and his son, a little too creepy/unnecessary, but it does add a layer of question about who could possibly have done it. A decent page-turner that held my attention well into the night.

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Eesti said...

This story is a continuation of Turow's long ago "Presumed Innocent." While well-written, as are all of Turow's novels, it is bit confusing as it jumps back and forth through time. It also assumes that the reader will remember the original story.