Monday, September 6, 2010

So You Want to be a Wizard - Diane Duane (Young Wizard Series #1)

My brother-in-law Mark recommended this to me as good young adult science-fiction. The protagonist is 13-year old Nita, an avid reader, and somewhat of a social outcast. One day, while hiding in the library from her tormentors, she stumbles across a book entitled, So You Want to be a Wizard - a how-to manual on becoming a wizard. At first, Nita thinks it's nothing more than a joke, but of course, she takes the book home and learns it's so much more. When completing her first spell, she meets up with fellow outcast/wizard Kit, and together they set out in Manhattan to track down a lost spell book. This book has the usual good kid messages - even once you obtain the power to destroy your enemies, it's always better to exercise a little mercy. It was a little heavy on the science and detailed explanations of physics and black holes and the like - which I think a super-science-y kid would really love. I also appreciated that there was one main female character, and one main male character - someone for everyone to identify with. There are nine books in this series - enough to keep a bookworm kid busy all summer - or an adult like me who likes kids' books busy through the school year.

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