Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Alice's Pick of the Week: Early Bird

Early Bird by Toni Yuly is a very simply written and brightly illustrated book about the early bird who travels far and wide for her breakfast.  The book emphasizes directional words such as up, down, and around.  This is also a fun book to act out - your child can pretend to be the bird, waking up and going on a journey to find her snack - climbing up, crawling around, jumping down - whatever makes sense around your own house or yard.  This has also been a good book for our older son who is slowly learning to recognize a few words - and is going back to very basic books with only one sentence or so per page for easier sounding out and sight recognition.  I love the vibrant drawings.  We haven't read it yet, but there is a companion book to Early Bird called Night Owl that also looks super cute.  We'll be reading it soon!

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