Monday, May 13, 2013

A Hologram for the King - Dave Eggers

While I haven't been reading many fiction books lately, I wanted to give myself the chance to read the latest from Dave Eggers, as I am generally a fan of his writing.  This one was a simple quick read - but left me feeling a bit melancholy.  The main character in this one finds himself on the verge on financial ruin.  He has already old his daughter that she may not return for her next year of college due to his inability to pay her tuition.  But, he finds himself with one last opportunity to remake himself.  He travels to Saudi Arabia for the chance to meet with the King and present his innovative new idea.  But once he arrives, the King is nowhere to be found.  The man is told that the King should be back tomorrow.  Always tomorrow.  And so he waits.  And as he waits he lives his life and maybe falls in love and dreams about the presentation he may never have the chance to give.  The waiting becomes a bit tedious, and the ending wraps up a bit too quickly, but I appreciated the slow-pace.  The narrator himself was a bit too pathetic for me to ever root for, but I enjoyed following his story and wondering if he'd ever really be able to take advantage of an opportunity should it ever present itself.  In short, this is no Zeitoun, but still respectable Eggers.