Saturday, February 27, 2016

Clara's Pick of the Week: Monsters Eat Whiny Children

I randomly came across this book at the library and the title just spoke to me.  My three-year-olds have been in a whiny phase lately, and I thought this book might send them a good message.  The books is about two little children - a brother and sister - who are themselves in a terrible phase.  Their father warns them that Monsters Eat Whiny Children, and sure enough, one day, when the whining gets to be too much, a monster sneaks in and snatches them right up.  He takes them to his Monster Lair where he brainstorms various dishes he might cook the children in - from Whiny Child Salad to Whiny Child Burger to Whiny Child Vindaloo.  My girls had fun laughing along with each step, as well as being just a bit worried that their whining might land them in a boiling cooking pot.  I can't say that the book has cured them entirely of the behavior, but it's been a good one to bring up to break the tension.  There are a few lines in the book that I am not a fan of - the wife monster is a bit of a stereotypical nagging bullying wife, who claims she can't eat Whiny Child Cake because "her bottom is too big."  I don't generally endorse female characters commenting negatively on their bodies- so I tend to skip the line (though someone else who read this to them did not, and of course it's the one line they remember and keep pointing out that I've skipped over).  I think there is also some name-calling language that I also leave out, but overall this is a silly book - that gets kids talking about proper behavior and consequences, as well as some really good food.