Thursday, March 10, 2016

Clara's Pick of the Week: The Books of Kyla May

My almost three-and-a-half year old girls are making the transition from picture books to chapter-like books - we still read lots of picture books, of course, but they like the idea of have older kid books to also read from and cart around.  Recently, a friend passed along a recommendation for an author named Kyla May.  She has several different book series, including one about magical twins.  We read the first book in that series: Lost Tooth Rescue about twins Lottie and Mia who start at a new school and use their twin powers to help a friend who has lost her tooth.  I wouldn't say the story was particularly compelling, but along with the illustrations it was quite fun - my girls did like the twin aspect, as well as the magic.  And, there was also glitter and a purple unicorn involved, so those were all positives.  We will check out the second book in the series, School Bully, Beware! soon.

But, the real recommendation hit were the books in Kyla May's series: The Lotus Lane Girls Club.  The series includes four books about a group of friends named Coco, Kiki, Mika, and Lulu.  Each girl has her own book which acts as a journal about her life and adventures.  Clara has taken a particular liking to Coco who loves animals and baking - and carried a cool purse and has a cat.  The format of the books is fun to read - with cute illustrations and lots of facts about the characters. We are looking forward to reading all of the books in the series, but for now Clara just wants to carry this one around with her everywhere and read a few pages together whenever we can!