Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Favorite from Alice: Tumble Bumble

Tumble Bumble is a short little rhyming tale about a pack of animals bumping into each other and eventually settling in to a nap together.  Very cute for kids who like animals and simple counting books.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pick of the Week: Monsters Love Colors

My kids have lately been into all things monster and robot - and they always love brightly colored illustrations.  So it's no surprise that they absolutely LOVE Monsters Love Colors - a really simple story about monsters deciding what color they want to be, and then mixing and mashing the primary colors to achieve their desired hue.  The monsters are so cute and funny - the kids love saying the words along with me while I read it - and I don't mind going through it multiple times each night.

There is another book by the same author called Monsters Love School.  I just ordered it and hope it will help the kids get excited about their upcoming new school year!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Clara's Pick of the Week: Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs

Going back to the basics this week - Clara has been in love with Byron Barton's Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs.  Ben loved Barton's transportation books when he was younger - so simple, with bright illustrations.  My kids all love dinosaurs, but this book is particularly appealing because it shows dinosaur eggs hatching into little baby dinosaurs (and my girls in particular love all things baby).  We read this one at least five times a night.

And, it has sparked a love for one of my favorite childhood songs - The Triceratops Song:

Triceratops with three long horns, a beak like a parrot, and a frill where his neck is
Triceratops with four strong legs, and a tail in back!